Equipex : equipment of excellence. These are projects funded by the PIA to improve the equipment of French scientific research laboratories.



"Advanced High-Throughput Technologies Platform for Biorefineries Catalysts Design".

REALCAT is a high-throughput platform coordinated by the UCCS, unique in the world, dedicated to innovation in heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis and biocatalysis, as well as their combination through the new ultra-efficient concept of " hybrid catalysis ". This integrated blend of skills and technologies enables the development of high-level, catalytic R & D programs on hot topics, including environmental and economic issues. The versatility of the platform is such that it also offers the opportunity to carry out projects in the field of materials development.

At full capacity, REALCAT is able to cover every stage of catalyst development: The platform is equipped with automated synthesis robots of catalysts and biocatalysts, rapid characterization tools and high-speed tools. evaluation of catalytic performance.

Contact UCCS : Sébastien Paul




"ROCK time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) beamline".

The basic idea of the ROCK EQUIPEX in which the UCCS participates is to develop a spectrometer dedicated to the research of new materials for applications in the field of batteries and biofuels which will contribute to make France a world leader in the development of new energy technologies.


Contact UCCS : Sylvain Cristol