The I-SITEs (Initiatives - Science - Innovation - Territories - Economy) are programs run by regional academic consortia that promote concentrated, distinctive and internationally recognized focused scientific assets, as a linchpin and the base of a strong leverage effect for their strategy of development and partnership with the economic world.


The I-SITE ULNE project has been awarded by the French government in 2017.



UCCS participates to the following I-SITE ULNE projects, selected upon internal calls for projects:


« SUSTAIN » call for projects


  • Structural Characterization of Metal-Organic Frameworks Thin Films using Solid-State (DNP) NMR for Photovoltaic Application

    Contact UCCS : Frédérique Pourpoint


« SUSTAIN » call for projects


  • Hybrid catalysis applied to furfural and carboxylic building- blocks synthesis from biomass

Contact UCCS : Robert Wojcieszak


« Valorisation/Pre-maturation » call for projects


  • High concentration glycerol oxidation into high value-added acids: Toward an industrial scale

Contact UCCS : Mickael Capron


  • Upscaling of the synthesis of Allyl alcohol from Glycerol

Contact UCCS : Benjamin Katryniok


  • Furfural catalytic oxidation to furoic acid

Contact UCCS : Sébastien Paul