MOCAH team

Methodology in organometallics for homogeneous catalysis

Team leader: Prof. Marc Visseaux

Key words

Fine chemicals, hydroamination, hydrosilylation, amino- carben, phosphine, polyolefins, ethylene, conjugated dienes, terpenes, Ziegler-Natta, chain-transfer polymerization, ROP, biosourced monomers, rare earth, iron, bismuth, cobalt, zinc, iridium, gold, magnesium.


NameFunctionEmployerWeb Page
Francine Agbossou-NiedercornCNRS Research DirectorCNRSLink
Yohan ChampouretCNRS ResearcherCNRSLink
Thomas ChenalAssistant ProfessorUniv. LilleLink
Marc VisseauxProfessorUniv. LilleLink



Recently created on 1st of January 2017, the MOCAH’s team is comprised of 6 permanents teaching/researcher (3 CNRS, 3 Univ. Lille) and 3 doctoral students. The organometallic chemistry is at the heart of our research which applies mainly in
homogeneous catalysis. Following the gathering of specialized researchers in the fields of transition metals and oxophilic metals, and after the recent appointment of a new member specialized in polymerization catalysis using abundant metals, the expertise of the team covers a wide range of elements in the periodic table (see below).

The metal-based systems we developed are applied in homogeneous catalysis for fine chemical syntheses, polymerization reactions and materials via the use of small molecules from fossil feedstock and biomass.


Marc Visseaux, Professor at Univ. Lille


6 researchers and teachers-researchers
12 publications per year on average, including 10 distinguished


7 invited articles in special issues, 3 book chapters, 5 Invited international conferences/Keynote lectures

3 ANR and 3 industrial contracts
3 patents (+ 1 WO extension) over the period 2013-2017



Download the detailled MOCAH team leaflet (pdf):



Publications in the database: 95 (since 2013)

  • 2023

  • Direct Liquid Reactor-Injector of Nanoparticles: A Safer-by-Design Aerosol Injection for Nanocomposite Thin-Film Deposition Adapted to Various Plasma-Assisted Processes.
    Carnide Guillaume, Cacot Laura, Champouret Yohan, Pozsgay Vincent, Verdier Thomas, Girardeau Adèle, Cavarroc Marjorie, Sarkissian Andranik, Mingotaud Anne-Françoise, Vahlas Constantin, Kahn Myrtil Louise, Naudé Nicolas, Stafford Luc, Clergereaux Richard.
    Coatings, vol. 13, pg. 630 (2023) DOI
  • 2022

  • Secured Nanosynthesis–Deposition Aerosol Process for Composite Thin Films Incorporating Highly Dispersed Nanoparticles.
    Carnide Guillaume, Champouret Yohan, Valappil Divyendu, Vahlas Constantin, Mingotaud Anne‐Françoise, Clergereaux Richard, Kahn Myrtil L.
    Advanced Science, vol. 10, pg. 2204929 (2022) DOI
  • Ferrocene/ferrocenium redox shuttling: Peroxide decomposition catalysis applied to vinyl monomers polymerization under suspension conditions.
    Zouhri Yassir, Berthé Jean-Michel M., Bonnet Fanny, Stasik Bernard, Colemonts Christel, Lasuye Thierry, Mortreux André, Champouret Yohan, Visseaux Marc.
    Polymer, vol. 260, pg. 125368 (2022) DOI
  • Alkenes and Allyl Complexes of the Group 3 Metals and Lanthanides.
    Beauvois Maxime, Champouret Yohan, Bonnet Fanny, Visseaux Marc.
    undefined, pg. 382-448 (2022) DOI
  • Homoleptic and Heteroleptic Substituted Amidomethylpyridine Iron Complexes: Synthesis, Structure and Polymerization ofrac‐Lactide .
    Hashmi Obaid H., Capet Frederic, Visseaux Marc, Champouret Yohan.
    European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, (2022) DOI
  • 2021

  • Evidence of coordinative chain transfer polymerization of isoprene using iron iminopyridine/ZnEt2 catalytic systems.
    Hashmi Obaid H., Visseaux Marc, Champouret Yohan.
    Polymer Chemistry, vol. 12, pg. 4626-4631 (2021) DOI
  • Palladium catalyzed telomerization of bio-based polyols with atmospheric pressure bubbling butadiene.
    Peruzzo Deborah, Drelon Mathieu, Dumont Clément, Mortreux André, Suisse Isabelle, Sauthier Mathieu.
    Molecular Catalysis, vol. 502, pg. 111369 (2021) DOI
  • 2020

  • Nanocrystal–ligand interactions deciphered: the influence of HSAB and pKa in the case of luminescent ZnO.
    Champouret Yohan, Spataro Grégory, Coppel Yannick, Gauffre Fabienne, Kahn Myrtil L.
    Nanoscale Advances, vol. 2, pg. 1046-1053 (2020) DOI
  • Prominence of the Instability of a Stabilizing Agent in the Changes in Physical State of a Hybrid Nanomaterial.
    Spataro Grégory, Champouret Yohan, Coppel Yannick, Kahn Myrtil L.
    ChemPhysChem, vol. 21, pg. 2454-2459 (2020) DOI
  • Rationalizing the Reactivity of Mixed Allyl Rare-Earth Borohydride Complexes with DFT Studies.
    Fadlallah Sami, Jothieswaran Jashvini, Del Rosal Iker, Maron Laurent, Bonnet Fanny, Visseaux Marc.
    Catalysts, vol. 10, pg. 820 (2020) DOI
  • Catalyzed chain growth polymerisation of ethylene using lanthanidocenes/dialkylmagnesium: further developments and one pot synthesis of narrow dispersed high molecular weight fatty alcohols.
    Chenal T., Drelon M., Marsh B., Silva F. F., Visseaux M., Mortreux A.
    Catalysis Science < Technology, vol. 10, pg. 6809-6824 (2020) DOI
  • Enantioselective Nickel Catalyzed Butadiene Hydroalkoxylation with Ethanol: from Experimental Results to Kinetics Parameters.
    Mifleur Alexis, Suisse Isabelle, Mortreux André, Sauthier Mathieu.
    Catalysis Letters, vol. 151, pg. 27-35 (2020) DOI
  • Lipase-catalysed polycondensation of levulinic acid derived diol-diamide monomers: access to new poly(ester-co-amide)s.
    Meimoun Julie, Bernhard Yann, Pelinski Lydie, Bousquet Till, Pellegrini Sylvain, Raquez Jean-Marie, De Winter Julien, Gerbaux Pascal, Cazaux Frédéric, Tahon Jean-François, Gaucher Valérie, Chenal Thomas, Favrelle-Huret Audrey, Zinck Philippe.
    Polymer Chemistry, vol. 11, pg. 7506-7514 (2020) DOI
  • 2019

  • Towards Selective Syntheses of Octadienylethers from the Butadiene Palladium‐catalyzed Telomerization with Polyols in Aqueous Biphasic Medium.
    Drelon Mathieu, Mérel Delphine S., Mortreux André, Suisse Isabelle, Sauthier Mathieu.
    ChemCatChem, vol. 11, pg. 1742-1746 (2019) DOI
  • Organocatalysts for the Synthesis of Poly(ethylene terephthalate‐co‐isosorbide terephthalate): A Combined Experimental and DFT Study .
    Stanley Nicholas, Chenal Thomas, Jacquel Nicolas, Saint‐Loup René, Prates Ramalho Joao Paulo, Zinck Philippe.
    Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, vol. 304, pg. 1900298 (2019) DOI
  • Efficient One-Pot Synthesis of End-Functionalized trans-Stereoregular Polydiene Macromonomers.
    Georges Sébastien, Hashmi Obaid Hasan, Bria Marc, Zinck Philippe, Champouret Yohan, Visseaux Marc.
    Macromolecules, vol. 52, pg. 1210-1219 (2019) DOI
  • Discrete iron-based complexes: Applications in homogeneous coordination-insertion polymerization catalysis.
    Champouret Yohan, Hashmi Obaid H., Visseaux Marc.
    Coordination Chemistry Reviews, vol. 390, pg. 127-170 (2019) DOI
  • Highly Active Iminopyridyl Iron-Based Catalysts for the Polymerization of Isoprene.
    Hashmi Obaid H., Champouret Yohan, Visseaux Marc.
    Molecules, vol. 24, pg. 3024 (2019) DOI
  • Gold(i) catalysed regio- and stereoselective intermolecular hydroamination of internal alkynes: towards functionalised azoles.
    Michon Christophe, Gilbert Joachim, Trivelli Xavier, Nahra Fady, Cazin Catherine S. J., Agbossou-Niedercorn Francine, Nolan Steven P.
    Organic < Biomolecular Chemistry, vol. 17, pg. 3805-3811 (2019) DOI
  • Development of Chiral C2-Symmetric N-Heterocyclic Carbene Rh(I) Catalysts through Control of Their Steric Properties.
    Abadie Marc-Antoine, MacIntyre Kirsty, Boulho Cédric, Hoggan Peter, Capet Frédéric, Agbossou-Niedercorn Francine, Michon Christophe.
    Organometallics, vol. 38, pg. 536-543 (2019) DOI
  • 2018

  • Multinuclear solid-state NMR study: a powerful tool for understanding the structure of ZnO hybrid nanoparticles.
    Spataro Grégory, Champouret Yohan, Florian Pierre, Coppel Yannik, Kahn Myrtil L.
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 20, pg. 12413-12421 (2018) DOI
  • Catalysts for the Controlled Polymerization of Conjugated Dienes.
    Visseaux Marc.
    Catalysts, vol. 8, pg. 442 (2018) DOI
  • Selective ligand-free cobalt-catalysed reduction of esters to aldehydes or alcohols.
    Rysak Vincent, Descamps-Mandine Armel, Simon Pardis, Blanchard Florent, Burylo Laurence, Trentesaux Martine, Vandewalle Maxence, Collière Vincent, Agbossou-Niedercorn Francine, Michon Christophe.
    Catalysis Science < Technology, vol. 8, pg. 3504-3512 (2018) DOI
  • Catalytic metal-based systems for controlled statistical copolymerisation of lactide with a lactone.
    Stirling E., Champouret Y., Visseaux M.
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  • Diastereoselective auxiliary- and catalyst-controlled intramolecular aza-Michael reaction for the elaboration of enantioenriched 3-substituted isoindolinones. Application to the synthesis of a new pazinaclone analogue.
    Sallio Romain, Lebrun Stéphane, Capet Frédéric, Agbossou-Niedercorn Francine, Michon Christophe, Deniau Eric.
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  • Modification of starch by graft copolymerization.
    Meimoun Julie, Wiatz Vincent, Saint-Loup René, Parcq Julien, Favrelle Audrey, Bonnet Fanny, Zinck Philippe.
    Starch - Stärke, vol. 70, pg. 1-23 (2018) DOI
  • 2017

  • Iridium(III) metallacycle catalysts for efficient hydrosilylation and hydrogenation reactions.
    Rysak V, Corre Y, Agbossou-Niedercorn F, Michon C.
    Chemistry Today, vol. 35(5), pg. 27-29 (2017)
  • Bimetallic Catalytic Systems Based on Sb, Ge and Ti for the Synthesis of Poly(ethylene terephthalate-co-isosorbide terephthalate).
    Stanley Nicholas, Chenal Thomas, Delaunay Thierry, Saint-Loup René, Jacquel Nicolas, Zinck Philippe.
    Polymers, vol. 9, pg. 590 (2017) DOI
  • Deciphering the Mechanism of the Nickel-Catalyzed Hydroalkoxylation Reaction: A Combined Experimental and Computational Study.
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  • Bismuth tris-silylamide: A new non-toxic metal catalyst for the ring opening (co-)polymerization of cyclic esters under smooth conditions.
    Bonné Christophe, Pahwa Anish, Picard Charly, Visseaux Marc.
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  • Mixed Allyl Rare-Earth Borohydride Complexes: Synthesis, Structure, and Application in (Co-)Polymerization Catalysis of Cyclic Esters.
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  • Total Synthesis of (–)-Herbaric Acid through Organocatalyzed Asymmetric Halolactonization of Acrylate-Type Benzoic Acids.
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  • 2016

  • Catalysis: From academic research to industrial applications.
    Granger Pascal, Agbossou Francine, Ledoux Marc J.
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  • 2015

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  • 2014

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  • 2013

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