Modelisation and spectroscopies

Team leader: Prof. Jean-François Paul

Key words

Theoretical chemistry, reaction mechanism, ab initio molecular dynamics, operando spectroscopies, Raman, XAS (HERFD-XAS, Rixs, Xanes)

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Elise BerrierCNRS ResearcherCNRSLink
Sylvain CristolProfessorUniv. LilleLink
Jean-Francois PaulProfessorUniv. LilleLink
Silvio PipoloAssistant ProfessorUniv. LilleLink
Asma TougertiAssistant ProfessorUniv. LilleLink



The interaction between experimental and theoretical aspects of chemistry is a highly stimulating experience for both experimental and theoretical investigators. Gathering spectroscopists together with theoretical chemists, our group promotes an effective cross-fertilisation, and thus, can relevantly interact with the UCCS groups as well as national and international partners.
Considering catalysis within complementary spatial and time perspectives expands one’s understanding of a catalytic active site and an elementary reaction step. Both the fast-growth of computing power as well as the improvement of available spectroscopic techniques help in investigating systems which are ever closer to the real life of catalysts. This makes the interaction between theoretical modelling, spectroscopy and catalytic testing particularly promising and relevant in the design of next generation active phases.


Jean-François Paul, Professor at Univ. Lille


5 teachers/researchers

10  publications per year on average

1 Erasmus Mundus ‘Advanced Spectrocopy in Chemistry’ Master



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Publications in the database: 136 (since 2008)

  • 2022

  • Capture and immobilization of gaseous ruthenium tetroxide RuO4 in the UiO-66-NH2 metal–organic framework.
    Leloire Maëva, Nerisson Philippe, Pourpoint Frédérique, Huvé Marielle, Paul Jean-François, Cantrel Laurent, Loiseau Thierry, Volkringer Christophe.
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  • Capture of Gaseous Iodine in Isoreticular Zirconium‐Based UiO‐n Metal‐Organic Frameworks: Influence of Amino Functionalization, DFT Calculations, Raman and EPR Spectroscopic Investigation.
    Leloire Maeva, Walshe Catherine, Devaux Philippe, Giovine Raynald, Duval Sylvain, Bousquet Till, Chibani Siwar, Paul Jean‐Francois, Moissette Alain, Vezin Hervé, Nerisson Philippe, Cantrel Laurent, Volkringer Christophe, Loiseau Thierry.
    Chemistry – A European Journal, vol. 28 (2022) DOI
  • 2021

  • Mn- or Cu- substituted LaFeO3-based three-way catalysts: Highlighting different catalytically operating modes of La0.67Fe0.8M0.2O3 (M=Cu, Mn).
    Nandi Shreya, Wu Jiang Xiang, Simon Pardis, Nuns Nicolas, Trentesaux Martine, Tougerti Asma, Fonda Emiliano, Girardon Jean-Sébastien, Paul Jean-François, Mamede Anne-Sophie, Berrier Elise.
    Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, vol. 296, pg. 120330 (2021) DOI
  • Transformation of Dilute Ethylene at High Temperature on Micro- and Nano-Sized H-ZSM-5 Zeolites.
    Beuque Antoine, Barreau Matthias, Berrier Elise, Paul Jean-François, Batalha Nuno, Sachse Alexander, Pinard Ludovic.
    Catalysts, vol. 11, pg. 282 (2021) DOI
  • A DFT study of iodine interaction with nuclear reactor cooling system surfaces under severe accident conditions.
    Hu Hao, Souvi Sidi, Cantrel Laurent, Paul Jean-François.
    Surface Science, vol. 712, pg. 121890 (2021) DOI
  • Salt-tolerance of alkyl-glyceryl ether carboxylates hydrotropes and surfactants. Dramatic effect of the methylation of the glyceryl spacer.
    Illous Estelle, Doblinger Simon, Pipolo Silvio, Ontiveros Jesús F., Lebeuf Raphaël, Aubry Jean-Marie.
    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, vol. 585, pg. 808-819 (2021) DOI
  • 2020

  • Hybrid theoretical models for molecular nanoplasmonics.
    Coccia E., Fregoni J., Guido C. A., Marsili M., Pipolo S., Corni S.
    The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 153, pg. 200901 (2020) DOI
  • Real-time dynamics of plasmonic resonances in nanoparticles described by a boundary element method with generic dielectric function.
    Dall’Osto Giulia, Gil Gabriel, Pipolo Silvio, Corni Stefano.
    The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 153, pg. 184114 (2020) DOI
  • Octopus, a computational framework for exploring light-driven phenomena and quantum dynamics in extended and finite systems.
    Tancogne-Dejean Nicolas, Oliveira Micael J. T., Andrade Xavier, Appel Heiko, Borca Carlos H., Le Breton Guillaume, Buchholz Florian, Castro Alberto, Corni Stefano, Correa Alfredo A., De Giovannini Umberto, Delgado Alain, Eich Florian G., Flick Johannes, Gil Gabriel, Gomez Adrián, Helbig Nicole, Hübener Hannes, Jestädt René, Jornet-Somoza Joaquim, Larsen Ask H., Lebedeva Irina V., Lüders Martin, Marques Miguel A. L., Ohlmann Sebastian T., Pipolo Silvio, Rampp Markus, Rozzi Carlo A., Strubbe David A., Sato Shunsuke A., Schäfer Christian, Theophilou Iris, Welden Alicia, Rubio Angel.
    The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 152, pg. 124119 (2020) DOI
  • The peculiar redox mechanism of copper nitroprusside disclosed by a multi-technique approach.
    Mullaliu Angelo, Stievano Lorenzo, Aquilanti Giuliana, Plaisier Jasper R., Cristol Sylvain, Giorgetti Marco.
    Radiation Physics and Chemistry, vol. 175, pg. 108336 (2020) DOI
  • Rethinking Electronic and Geometric Structures of Real Hydrodesulfurization Catalysts by In Situ Photon-In/Photon-Out Spectroscopy.
    Tougerti Asma, Simon Pardis, Desjacques Charlotte, Girardon Jean-Sebastien, Mazzanti Francesco, Pipolo Silvio, Trentesaux Martine, Cristol Sylvain.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 124, pg. 17586-17598 (2020) DOI
  • Structure and Quantification of Edge Sites of WS2/Al2 O3 Catalysts Coupling IR/CO Spectroscopy and DFT Calculations .
    Zavala‐Sanchez Luz, Khalil Ibrahim, Oliviero Laetitia, Paul Jean‐François, Maugé Françoise.
    ChemCatChem, vol. 12, pg. 2066-2076 (2020) DOI
  • Acidic Properties of Alkaline-Earth Phosphates Determined by an Experimental-Theoretical Approach.
    Blanco Elodie, Gu Qingyi, Couble Julien, Martin Lucile, Onfroy Thomas, Costentin Guylène, Paul Jean-François, Michel Carine, Loridant Stéphane.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 124, pg. 2013-2023 (2020) DOI
  • Chemical stability of caesium iodide deposits in air/steam atmosphere.
    Obada D., Hijazi H., Paul J.-F., Gasnot L., Grégoire A.-C., Mamede A.-S., Cantrel L.
    Journal of Hazardous Materials, pg. 124519 (2020) DOI
  • Direct conversion of uranium dioxide UO2 to uranium tetrafluoride UF4 using the fluorinated ionic liquid [Bmim][PF6].
    Joly Florian, Simon Pardis, Trivelli Xavier, Arab Mehdi, Morel Bertrand, Solari Pier Lorenzo, Paul Jean-Francois, Moisy Philippe, Volkringer Christophe.
    Dalton Transactions, vol. 49, pg. 274-278 (2020) DOI
  • 2019

  • In Situ IR‐ATR Study of the Interaction of Nitrogen Heteroaromatic Compounds with HY Zeolites: Experimental and Theoretical Approaches.
    Khalil Ibrahim, Celis‐Cornejo Carlos M., Thomas Karine, Bazin Philippe, Travert Arnaud, Pérez‐Martínez David J., Baldovino‐Medrano Víctor G., Paul Jean François, Maugé Françoise.
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  • Promoting transparency and reproducibility in enhanced molecular simulations.
    pipolo silvio.
    Nature Methods, vol. 16, pg. 670-673 (2019) DOI
  • Beyond the Oxygen Redox Strategy in Designing Cathode Material for Batteries: Dynamics of a Prussian Blue-like Cathode Revealed by Operando X-ray Diffraction and X-ray Absorption Fine Structure and by a Theoretical Approach.
    Mullaliu Angelo, Aquilanti Giuliana, Stievano Lorenzo, Conti Paolo, Plaisier Jasper R., Cristol Sylvain, Giorgetti Marco.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 123, pg. 8588-8598 (2019) DOI
  • Investigation of the Reducibility of Supported Oxomolybdate Species for Mapping of Active Centers of Partial Oxidation Reaction: In Situ Mo K-Edge XAS and DFT Study.
    Hu Hao, Oliveira de Souza Danilo, Berrier Elise, Paul Jean-François, La Fontaine Camille, Briois Valérie, Cristol Sylvain, Tougerti Asma.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 123, pg. 18325-18335 (2019) DOI
  • Nonequilibrium Solvent Polarization Effects in Real-Time Electronic Dynamics of Solute Molecules Subject to Time-Dependent Electric Fields: A New Feature of the Polarizable Continuum Model.
    Gil Gabriel, Pipolo Silvio, Delgado Alain, Rozzi Carlo Andrea, Corni Stefano.
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, vol. 15, pg. 2306-2319 (2019) DOI
  • 2018

  • On the Binding Free Energy and Molecular Origin of Sickle Cell Hemoglobin Aggregation.
    Galamba N., Pipolo Silvio.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, vol. 122, pg. 7475-7483 (2018) DOI
  • Reactivity of Silver Iodide (β-AgI) Surfaces: A Density Functional Theory Study.
    Hijazi Houssam, Cantrel Laurent, Paul Jean-François.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 122, pg. 26401-26408 (2018) DOI
  • Cyclodextrin-assisted low-metal Ni-Pd/Al2O3 bimetallic catalysts for the direct amination of aliphatic alcohols.
    Tomer Ajay, Kusema Bright T., Paul Jean-François, Przybylski Cédric, Monflier Eric, Pera-Titus Marc, Ponchel Anne.
    Journal of Catalysis, vol. 368, pg. 172-189 (2018) DOI
  • Combining sorption experiments and Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) to study the adsorption of propranolol onto environmental solid matrices – Influence of copper(II).
    Smith Rose-Michelle, Sayen Stéphanie, Nuns Nicolas, Berrier Elise, Guillon Emmanuel.
    Science of The Total Environment, vol. 639, pg. 841-851 (2018) DOI
  • A DFT study of RuO4 interactions with porous materials: metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) and zeolites.
    Chibani Siwar, Badawi Michael, Loiseau Thierry, Volkringer Christophe, Cantrel Laurent, Paul Jean-François.
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 20, pg. 16770 (2018) DOI
  • Synthesis of an oxo trialkyl tungsten fluoride complex and its dual reactivity with silica dehydroxylated at high temperature.
    Merle Nicolas, Mazoyer Etienne, Szeto Kai C., Rouge Pascal, de Mallmann Aimery, Berrier Elise, Delevoye Laurent, Gauvin Régis M., Nicholas Christopher P., Basset Jean-Marie, Taoufik Mostafa.
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  • LaFeO3 thin films as relevant models for the surface investigation of 3-way catalysts.
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  • New synthetic approach towards well-defined silica supported tungsten bis-oxo, active catalysts for olefin metathesis.
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    Catalysis Communications, vol. 108, pg. 51-54 (2018) DOI
  • 2017

  • Equation of motion for the solvent polarization apparent charges in the polarizable continuum model: Application to time-dependent CI.
    Pipolo Silvio, Corni Stefano, Cammi Roberto.
    The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 146, pg. 064116 (2017) DOI
  • Navigating at Will on the Water Phase Diagram.
    Pipolo S., Salanne M., Ferlat G., Klotz S., Saitta A. M., Pietrucci F.
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  • In situ Raman spectroscopy evidence of an accessible phase potentially involved in the enhanced activity of La-deficient lanthanum orthoferrite in 3-way catalysis (TWC).
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  • 2016

  • Multitechnique characterisation of 304L surface states oxidised at high temperature in steam and air atmospheres.
    Mamede Anne-Sophie, Nuns Nicolas, Cristol Anne-Lise, Cantrel Laurent, Souvi Sidi, Cristol Sylvain, Paul Jean-François.
    Applied Surface Science, vol. 369, pg. 510-519 (2016) DOI
  • Oxidation and Equilibrium Morphology of Zirconium Carbide Low Index Surfaces Using DFT and Atomistic Thermodynamic Modeling.
    Osei-Agyemang Eric, Paul Jean-François, Lucas Romain, Foucaud Sylvie, Cristol Sylvain.
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    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., vol. 18, pg. 19567-19573 (2016) DOI
  • Myricetin, rosmarinic and carnosic acids as superior natural antioxidant alternatives to α-tocopherol for the preservation of omega-3 oils.
    Guitard Romain, Paul Jean-François, Nardello-Rataj Véronique, Aubry Jean-Marie.
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  • 2015

  • Stability, equilibrium morphology and hydration of ZrC(111) and (110) surfaces with H2O: a combined periodic DFT and atomistic thermodynamic study.
    Osei-Agyemang Eric, Paul Jean-Francois, Lucas Romain, Foucaud Sylvie, Cristol Sylvain.
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  • 2014

  • Periodic DFT and Atomistic Thermodynamic Modeling of Reactivity of H2, O2, and H2O Molecules on Bare and Oxygen Modified ZrC (100) Surface.
    Osei-Agyemang Eric, Paul Jean Francois, Lucas Romain, Foucaud Sylvie, Cristol Sylvain.
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  • Influence of ZrO2Structure and Copper Electronic State on Activity of Cu/ZrO2Catalysts in Methanol Synthesis from CO2.
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  • 2013

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