Resources and equipments

The UCCS has important scientific and technical resources and equipment grouped into platforms, some of which are shared with other laboratories.

The organigram below identifies the UCCS staff assigned to these platforms.

(*) indicates non-permanent staff

Vibrational spectroscopies platform

Scientific supervisors: Elise Berrier (Raman) ; Pascal Blanchard (UV-Visible) ; Christophe Dujardin (Infrarouge Operando)

Technical supervisor: Jean-Charles Morin

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Electrochemical measurements

Scientific supervisor: Aurélie Rolle

Technical supervisor: Edouard Capoen

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Thermal analysis platform

Scientific supervisors: P. Granger, L. Montagne, F. Méar

Technical supervisors: O. Gardoll, N. Djelal

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Regional platform for surface analysis

Scientific and technical supervisors:

Jean-François PAUL, Pardis SIMON, Nicolas NUNS, Martine TRENTESAUX.

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Realcat: high through put platform

Scientific supervisors: Sébastien Paul

Technical supervisor: Svetlana Heyte

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Raman diffusion spectroscopy

Scientific supervisor: A. Rubbens

Technical supervisor: M. Vandewalle

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X ray diffraction analysis platform

Scientific supervisors: Pascal Roussel

Technical supervisors: Laurence Burylo, Frédéric Capet

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Nuclear magnetic resonance platform

Scientific supervisor: Laurent Delevoye.

Technical supervisor: Marc Bria, Bertrand Revel, Bertrand Doumert

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Catalysis Pilot Hall

Scientific supervisor: Carole Lamonier

Technical supervisor: Stéphane Chambrey

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Process and Powder Technology Solutions

Scientific supervisor: Nouria Fatah

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