Central Services and management

Central services include shared services such as IT, health and safety and the financial and administrative management of the Laboratory.

The staff are distributed as described in the flowchart below.


* Temporary staff

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement, based on the principles of lean management, as a vector of an internal quality approach and an increase in the overall efficiency of the Unit, aims to improve overall performance through the contribution of all the staff. The ultimate goal is to ensure ideal operating conditions to add value with the least amount of waste possible, including time, with eventually a significant increase in productivity.

This approach aims to improve the global performance of the Laboratory and the satisfaction of all the stakeholders in a continuous way through the PDCA (Plan / Do / Check / Act) system. It results in the implementation of actions, decided by mutual agreement with the people concerned, followed by the analysis of their actual outcomes, then, if necessary, by the necessary readjustments, and so on until obtaining a result consistent with the objective.


More information on Lean management implementation at UCCS will follow soon.


Task leaders and Correspondents

The management of the UCCS also relies on a certain number of staff (teachers-researchers, researchers, research support staff) in charge of specific tasks and "correspondents", often in connection with the supervisory bodies of the unit or other institutional entities.

Task leaders

  • Continuous improvement: M. CATTE
  • Sustainability: M. RIVENET
  • Equality: M.-H. CHAMBRIER
  • Ethics: E. MARCEAU
  • Training: E. BERRIER
  • Open Science: E. BERRIER, E. HEUSON, A. SAYEDE
  • Valorization: S. PAUL


  • Europe :E. JABLONSKI
  • Communication : J. THURIOT