Industrial collaborations

The UCCS has a very long experience of national and international industrial collaborations.

Most are translated into bilateral contracts.

In some cases, these collaborations are part of a broader framework with a stronger formalization of the partnership between the industrial and the UCCS supervisory bodies in the form of common or associated laboratories.


Integrated Collaborative Research Laboratory

What is a ICRL?

Among the various academic-industry research partnerships, launching an Integrated Collaborative Research Laboratory offers an appealing solution to provide significant benefits to both parties in the process.

An Integrated Collaborative Research Laboratory aims to develop a unique opportunity to fasten the transfer of innovative ideas into the marketplace. It provides necessary funding for resources and research, while also allowing academia to tackle more complex issues in order to remain competitive as development leaders. It is a contract between Research Institution and a private sponsor for at least 4 years, setting an appealing framework helping to strength the link between discovery research and applied science.


LR4CU : Integrated Collaborative Research Laboratory « Fuel Cycle and Uranium Chemistry»

The Integrated Collaborative Research Laboratory, on Fuel Cycle and Uranium Chemistry was founded on the willing of UCCS researchers to consolidate and sustain forefront technological research with the Orano Group (formerly AREVA NC), an industrial player present at all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle. Its Launching follows a long and fruitful collaboration of more than 20 years of common research projects with both scientific and technological endeavors. This long and successful collaboration encouraged the partners to broaden and formalize their partnership within a Joint Research Laboratory on Fuel Cycle and Uranium Chemistry, which is an Integrated Collaborative Research Program with Industry. The Sponsored Research Agreement of the LR4CU was signed in 2016 between AREVA NC and research institutions, CNRS, ENSCL and University of Lille, for 5 years.

Partners :



Université de Lille


Contact: Prof. Olivier Tougait


Download the detailled LR4CU team leaflet (pdf):