CMNM team

Thin films & nanomaterials

Team leader: Prof. Sébastien Saitzek

Key words

Energy; Environment; Thin Films; Nanoparticles; Composite materials; Oxides; Intermetallics; Functional materials; Ferroelectricity; Piezoelectricity; Optics; Pulsed laser deposition; Atomic force microscopy; Spectrometry; DFT calculations


NameFunctionEmployerWeb Page
Jean-Francois BlachProfessorUniv. ArtoisLink
Marie-Helene ChambrierAssistant ProfessorUniv. ArtoisLink
Rachel DesfeuxProfessorUniv. ArtoisLink
Anthony FerriAssistant ProfessorUniv. ArtoisLink
Jean-Francois HenninotProfessorUniv. ArtoisLink
Christian MathieuProfessorUniv. ArtoisLink
Sebastien SaitzekProfessorUniv. ArtoisLink
Adlane SayedeProfessorUniv. ArtoisLink



Founded in January 2008, the “Thin Films & Nanomaterials” team consists in 9 solid-state chemists and physicists (including 1 emeritus). The team whole staff is from the University of Artois. Its activities are located at the Solid Chemical / Nanomaterials / Condensed Matter Physics interface. The team integrates skills in chemistry and solid-state physics (crystallography, molecular modeling, interactions with radiating-matter, optics, etc.) in a complementary and harmonious basis. These skills allow us to predict, characterize and measure the structural and physical properties of new (nano-) structures with specific properties that our team develops in thin films or nanoparticles with the ultimate aims and perspectives to integrating these into nanodevices dedicated to automotive, home automation, information storage or even telephony. These skills are also used to model, understand and explain electronic, electrical and magnetic mechanisms as well as the size effects that are involved in these new materials. All the work that our team carries-out, and devotes to, focuses on the world of «nano».


Sébastien Saitzek, Professor at Univ. Artois

  9 teachers-researchers
12 publications on average per year
2 book chapters over the 2013-2016 period
1 ANR contract, 1 BQRi over the 2013-2016 period


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Publications in the database: 181 (since 2008)

  • 2023

  • Curated dataset of association constants between a cyclodextrin and a guest for machine learning.
    Tahıl Gökhan, Delorme Fabien, Le Berre Daniel, Monflier Éric, Sayede Adlane, Tilloy Sébastien.
    Chemical Data Collections, vol. 45, pg. 101022 (2023) DOI
  • Effect of Sr and Ti substitutions on optical and photocatalytic properties of Bi1−xSrxFe1−xTixO3 nanomaterials.
    Benyoussef Manal, Saitzek Sébastien, Rajput Nitul S., El Marssi Mimoun, Jouiad Mustapha.
    Nanoscale Advances, vol. 5, pg. 869-878 (2023) DOI
  • 2022

  • Thin-Film Stabilization of a Ferroelectric Orthorhombic α-Pr2WO6 Polymorph.
    Lheureux Mégane, Chambrier Marie-Hélène, Francesca Kevin Dalla, Vargas Beatriz, Yedra Lluis, Da Costa Antonio, Carlier Thomas, Blanchard Florent, Estradé Sonia, Peiro Francesca, Roussel Pascal, Blach Jean-François, Ferri Anthony, Desfeux Rachel.
    ACS Applied Electronic Materials, vol. 4, pg. 5234-5245 (2022) DOI
  • Utilization of Catechol End-Functionalized PMMA as a Macromolecular Coupling Agent for Ceramic/Fluoropolymer Piezoelectric Composites.
    Bouad Vincent, Fadel Alexandre, Mohan Saj, Hamieh Arthur, Tahon Jean-François, Lyskawa Joël, Woisel Patrice, Da Costa Antonio, Ferri Anthony, Desfeux Rachel, Ponchel Freddy, Remiens Denis, Ladmiral Vincent, Barrau Sophie.
    ACS Applied Polymer Materials, vol. 4, pg. 7258-7267 (2022) DOI
  • New Pyrochlore-like Oxyfluorides Na2–2xSnxM2O5F2 (M = Nb5+ or Ta5+ and 1 ≤ x ≤ 0) as Potential Candidates for Overall Water Splitting Photocatalysis.
    Boivin Edouard, Saitzek Sébastien, Fauth François, Huvé Marielle, Roussel Pascal, Kabbour Houria.
    Chemistry of Materials, (2022) DOI
  • Broadband photodetection using one-step CVD-fabricated MoS2/MoO2 microflower/microfiber heterostructures.
    Mouloua D., Rajput N. S., Saitzek S., Kaja K., Hoummada K., El Marssi M., El Khakani M. A., Jouiad M.
    Scientific Reports, vol. 12 (2022) DOI
  • Photocatalytic and Photocurrent Responses to Visible Light of the Lone-Pair-Based Oxysulfide Sr6Cd2Sb6S10O7.
    Al Bacha Sandy, Saitzek Sébastien, McCabe Emma E., Kabbour Houria.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 61, pg. 18611-18621 (2022) DOI
  • The crystallinity and piezoelectric properties of spray-coated films of P(VDF70-TrFE30): effects of film thickness and spin-crossover nanofillers.
    Angulo-Cervera José Elías, Piedrahita-Bello Mario, Martin Baptiste, Dantras Eric, Nicu Liviu, Leichle Thierry, Dalla Francesca Kevin, Da Costa Antonio, Ferri Anthony, Desfeux Rachel, Salmon Lionel, Molnár Gábor, Bousseksou Azzedine.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C, vol. 10, pg. 8466-8473 (2022) DOI
  • Nanostructured BaTi1-xSnxO3 ferroelectric materials for electrocaloric applications and energy performance.
    Benyoussef M., Mura T., Saitzek S., Azrour F., Blach J.-F., Lahmar A., Gagou Y., El Marssi M., Sayede A., Jouiad M.
    Current Applied Physics, vol. 38, pg. 59-66 (2022) DOI
  • Nanoscale Electrical Investigation of Transparent Conductive Electrodes Based on Silver Nanowire Network.
    Pham Sy Hieu, Ferri Anthony, Da Costa Antonio, Mohan M. M. Saj, Tran Van Dang, Nguyen Duy Cuong, Viville Pascal, Lazzaroni Roberto, Desfeux Rachel, Leclère Philippe.
    Advanced Materials Interfaces, pg. 2200019 (2022) DOI
  • An unusual O2−/F− distribution in the new pyrochlore oxyfluorides: Na2B2O5F2 (B = Nb, Ta).
    Boivin Edouard, Pourpoint Frédérique, Saitzek Sébastien, Simon Pardis, Roussel Pascal, Kabbour Houria.
    Chemical Communications, vol. 58, pg. 2391-2394 (2022) DOI
  • Corrigendum to “Enhancement of electrical and thermal properties of silver nanowire transparent conductive electrode by Ag coating” [Mater. Sci. Eng. B 278 (2022) 115640].
    Tran Quoc Hoan, Chu Duc Thanh, Hoang Van Hoan, Do Quang Trung, Pham Sy Hieu, Leclère Philippe, Nguyen Tam Duy, Ferri Anthony, Da Costa Antonio, Desfeux Rachel, Nguyen Duy Cuong.
    Materials Science and Engineering: B, vol. 279, pg. 115671 (2022) DOI
  • Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Low-Dimensional BiFeO3 System for Photocatalytic Applications.
    Benyoussef Manal, Saitzek Sébastien, Rajput Nitul S., Courty Matthieu, El Marssi Mimoun, Jouiad Mustapha.
    Catalysts, vol. 12, pg. 215 (2022) DOI
  • Enhancement of photocatalytic properties of nanosized La2Ti2O7 synthesized by glycine-assisted sol-gel route.
    Leroy Sébastien, Blach Jean-François, Kopia Agnieszka, Lech Sebastian, Cieniek Łukasz, Kania Nicolas, Saitzek Sébastien.
    Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, vol. 426, pg. 113739 (2022) DOI
  • 2021

  • Aqueous Zirconium‐MOF Synthesis Assisted by α‐Cyclodextrin: Towards Deeper Understanding of the Beneficial Role of Cyclodextrin.
    Hoyez Guillaume, Rousseau Cyril, Rousseau Jolanta, Saitzek Sébastien, Ponchel Anne, Monflier Eric.
    European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 2022, pg. e202100896 (2021) DOI
  • Doping effect on nanoscopic and macroscopic electrical properties of Barium Zirconate Titanate thin films.
    Tachafine A., Fasquelle D., Desfeux R., Ferri A., Da Costa A., Carru J.-C., Outzourhit A.
    Spectroscopy Letters, vol. 54, pg. 507-519 (2021) DOI
  • Influence of Interface on the Charge Carrier Mobility of La2Ti2O7 Layered Perovskite Thin Films Measured by the Time-of-Flight Method.
    Leroy Sébastien, Douali Redouane, Legrand Christian, Krasinski Freddy, Blanchard Florent, Roussel Pascal, Saitzek Sébastien, Blach Jean-François.
    ACS Applied Electronic Materials, vol. 3, pg. 3167-3176 (2021) DOI
  • S = 1/2 Chain in BiVO3F: Spin Dimers versus Photoanodic Properties.
    Mentré Olivier, Juárez-Rosete Miguel A., Saitzek Sebastien, Aguilar-Maldonado Cintli, Colmont Marie, Arévalo-López Ángel M.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 143, pg. 6942-6951 (2021) DOI
  • Novel organic semiconductors based on 2-amino-anthracene: Synthesis, charge transport and photo-conductive properties.
    Kondratenko K., Carlescu I., Danjou P.-E., Boussoualem Y., Simion A., Duponchel B., Blach J. F., Legrand C., Hurduc N., Daoudi A.
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 23, pg. 13885-13894 (2021) DOI
  • Cyclodextrins: a new and effective class of co-modulators for aqueous zirconium-MOF syntheses.
    Hoyez Guillaume, Rousseau Jolanta, Rousseau Cyril, Saitzek Sébastien, King James, Szilágyi Petra Ágota, Volkringer Christophe, Loiseau Thierry, Hapiot Frédéric, Monflier Eric, Ponchel Anne.
    CrystEngComm, vol. 23, pg. 2764-2772 (2021) DOI
  • Structural and microstructural features of lead‐free BNT–BT thin films: Nanoscale electromechanical response analysis.
    Mendez‐González Yanela, Ferri Anthony, Lima Elton C., Hamieh Ahmad, Remiens Denis, Peláiz‐Barranco Aimé, Silva Atair C., Santos Guerra José.
    Journal of the American Ceramic Society, (2021) DOI
  • Crystallization mechanism of BaO-CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 (BCAS) glass thin-films.
    Carlier T., Podor R., Saitzek S., Montagne L., Roussel P., Méar F.O.
    Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, vol. 551, pg. 120406 (2021) DOI
  • 2020

  • Ferromagnetism, half-metallicity and spin-polarised electronic structures characterisation insights in Ca1−xTixO.
    Korichi Khedidja, Doumi Bendouma, Mokaddem Allel, Sayede Adlane, Tadjer Abdelkader.
    Philosophical Magazine, vol. 100, pg. 1172-1190 (2020) DOI
  • Pressure dependent half-metallic ferromagnetism in inverse Heusler alloy Fe2CoAl: a DFT+U calculations.
    Rai D. P., Lalrinkima L. A., Lalhriatzuala I. V., Fomin Adlane, Malikov Madhav Prasad, Sayede R. K., Ghimire Lalthakimi.
    RSC Advances, vol. 10, pg. 44633-44640 (2020) DOI
  • Particle size effect in the mechanically assisted synthesis of β-cyclodextrin mesitylene sulfonate.
    Menuel Stéphane, Saitzek Sébastien, Monflier Eric, Hapiot Frédéric.
    Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, vol. 16, pg. 2598-2606 (2020) DOI
  • Synthesis and characterization of antireflective Ag@AgCl nanocomposite thin films.
    Nehal M.El.F., Bouzidi A., Nakrela A., Miloua R., Medles M., Desfeux R., Blach J-F., Simon P., Huvé M.
    Optik, vol. 224, pg. 165568 (2020) DOI
  • High pressure exploration in the Li–Ln–V–O system.
    Zadoya A. I., Arévalo-López Á. M., Sánchez-Benítez J., Huvé M., Blach J.-F., Merkel S., Hilairet N., Chantel J., Colmont M.
    Dalton Transactions, (2020) DOI
  • Ferroelectric State in an α-Nd2WO6 Polymorph Stabilized in a Thin Film.
    Carlier Thomas, Chambrier Marie-Hélène, Da Costa Antonio, Blanchard Florent, Denneulin Thibaud, Létiche Manon, Roussel Pascal, Desfeux Rachel, Ferri Anthony.
    Chemistry of Materials, vol. 32, pg. 7188-7200 (2020) DOI
  • Photocatalytic and sonophotocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B by nano-sized La2Ti2O7 oxides synthesized with sol-gel method.
    Leroy Sébastien, Blach Jean-François, Huvé Marielle, Léger Bastien, Kania Nicolas, Henninot Jean-François, Ponchel Anne, Saitzek Sébastien.
    Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, vol. 401, pg. 112767 (2020) DOI
  • Luminescence and luminescence quenching of K2Bi(PO4)(MoO4):Sm3+ phosphors for horticultural and general lighting applications.
    Grigorjevaite Julija, Ezerskyte Egle, Páterek Juraj, Saitzek Sebastien, Zabiliūtė-Karaliūnė Akvilė, Vitta Pranciškus, Enseling David, Jüstel Thomas, Katelnikovas Arturas.
    Materials Advances, vol. 1, pg. 1427-1438 (2020) DOI
  • Recent Insights Into Electronic Performance, Magnetism and Exchange Splittings in the Cr-substituted CaO.
    Doumi Bendouma, Mokaddem Allel, Tadjer Abdelkader, Sayede Adlane.
    Frontiers in Chemistry, vol. 8 (2020) DOI
  • Temperature dependence of transport mechanisms in organic multiferroic tunnel junctions.
    Xiao Can, Sun Huawei, Cheng Luming, Devaux Xavier, Ferri Anthony, Huang Weichuan, Desfeux Rachel, Li Xiao-Guang, Migot Sylvie, Chshiev Mairbek, Rauf Sajid, Qi Yajun, Wang Ruilong, Zhang Tianjin, Yang Changping, Liang Shiheng, Lu Yuan.
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  • Enhancement of ferroelectric performance in PVDF:Fe3O4 nanocomposite based organic multiferroic tunnel junctions.
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    Applied Physics Letters, vol. 116, pg. 152905 (2020) DOI
  • Luminescence and up-conversion properties in La2Ti2O7:Eu3+,Er3+ oxides under UV and NIR radiations towards a two-color sensor.
    Szczepanski Fabien, Bayart Alexandre, Katelnikovas Arturas, Blach Jean-François, Rousseau Jolanta, Saitzek Sébastien.
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 826, pg. 154157 (2020) DOI
  • A self-sustained oscillator to the Lorenz-Haken dynamics.
    Meziane Belkacem.
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  • Temperature-Dependent Luminescence of Red-Emitting Ba2Y5B5O17: Eu3+ Phosphors with Efficiencies Close to Unity for Near-UV LEDs.
    Ezerskyte Egle, Grigorjevaite Julija, Minderyte Agne, Saitzek Sebastien, Katelnikovas Arturas.
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  • Structure of the water-splitting photocatalyst oxysulfide α-LaOInS2 and ab initio prediction of new polymorphs.
    Kabbour Houria, Sayede Adlane, Saitzek Sébastien, Lefèvre Gauthier, Cario Laurent, Trentesaux Martine, Roussel Pascal.
    Chemical Communications, vol. 56, pg. 1645-1648 (2020) DOI
  • “One-pot” aminolysis/thia-Michael addition preparation of well-defined amphiphilic PVDF-b-PEG-b-PVDF triblock copolymers: self-assembly behaviour in mixed solvents.
    Folgado Enrique, Guerre Marc, Da Costa Antonio, Ferri Anthony, Addad Ahmed, Ladmiral Vincent, Semsarilar Mona.
    Polymer Chemistry, vol. 11, pg. 401-410 (2020) DOI
  • Probing the local piezoelectric behavior in stretched barium titanate/poly(vinylidene fluoride) nanocomposites.
    Ferri A., Barrau S., Bourez R., Da Costa A., Chambrier M.-H., Marin A., Defebvin J., Lefebvre J.M., Desfeux R.
    Composites Science and Technology, vol. 186, pg. 107914 (2020) DOI
  • 2019

  • Electronic structures and magnetic performance related to spintronics of Sr0.875Ti0.125S.
    Bourega Ali, Doumi Bendouma, Mokaddem Allel, Sayede Adlane, Tadjer Abdelkader.
    Optical and Quantum Electronics, vol. 51 (2019) DOI
  • Lorenz–Haken dynamics—analytical framework: from symmetric to asymmetric trajectories.
    Meziane Belkacem.
    Physica Scripta, vol. 94, pg. 125217 (2019) DOI
  • Local Electrical Characterization of PVDF Textile Filament.
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    Fibers and Polymers, vol. 20, pg. 1333-1339 (2019) DOI
  • The relationship between processing and structural, optical, electrical properties of spray pyrolysed SnO2 thin films prepared for different deposition times.
    Yahi A.H., Bouzidi A., Miloua R., Medles M., Nakrela A., Khadraoui M., Tabet-Derraz H., Desfeux R., Ferri A., Blach J-F.
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  • Optical properties of Ln2Ti2O7 (with Ln = La to Lu) thin films grown on (110)-SrTiO3 substrates by pulsed laser deposition.
    Bayart Alexandre, Blach Jean-François, Huvé Marielle, Blanchard Florent, Roussel Pascal, Desfeux Rachel, Saitzek Sébastien.
    Optical Materials, vol. 92, pg. 303-310 (2019) DOI
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  • Orientation of 4-n-octyl-4′-cyanobiphenyl molecules on graphene oxide surface via electron–phonon interaction and its applications in nonlinear electronics.
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    Journal of Materials Chemistry C, vol. 7, pg. 2734-2743 (2019) DOI
  • 2018

  • Investigation of the Substituting Effect of Chromium on the Electronic Structures and the Half-Metallic Ferromagnetic Properties of BaO.
    Lakhdari Habiba, Doumi Bendouma, Mokaddem Allel, Sayede Adlane, Araújo João Pedro, Tadjer Abdelkader, Elkeurti Mohammed.
    Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism, vol. 32, pg. 1781-1790 (2018) DOI
  • Hydrogen storage in MgX (X = Cu and Ni) systems - is there still news?.
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  • Quenching of Spin Polarization Switching in Organic Multiferroic Tunnel Junctions by Ferroelectric “Ailing-Channel” in Organic Barrier.
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    ACS Applied Materials < Interfaces, vol. 10, pg. 30614-30622 (2018) DOI
  • Microstructure and oxidation resistance of relaxed epitaxial nickel thin films grown on (100)- and (110)-SrTiO3 substrates by pulsed laser deposition.
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  • Theoretical investigation of electronic performance, half-metallicity, and magnetic properties of Cr-substituted BaTe.
    Berriah Khelifa, Doumi Bendouma, Mokaddem Allel, Elkeurti Mohammed, Sayede Adlane, Tadjer Abdelkader, Araújo João Pedro.
    Journal of Computational Electronics, (2018) DOI
  • LaFeO3 thin films as relevant models for the surface investigation of 3-way catalysts.
    Nandi Shreya, Blanck Dimitri, Carlier Thomas, Chambrier Marie-Hélène, Mamede Anne-Sophie, Trentesaux Martine, Simon Pardis, Nuns Nicolas, Roussel Pascal, Ferri Anthony, Paul Jean-Francois, Berrier Elise.
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  • Intrinsic and photo-induced properties of high refractive index azobenzene based thin films [Invited].
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  • Synthesis and electrical properties of lead-free piezoelectric Bi 0.5 Na 0.5 TiO 3 thin films prepared by Sol-Gel method.
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  • 2017

  • Testing the CP-correction procedure with different DFT methods on H-bonding complexes of κ-carrabiose with water molecules.
    Fodil Rachida, Sekkal-Rahal Majda, Sayede Adlane.
    Journal of Molecular Modeling, vol. 23 (2017) DOI
  • The Doping Effect on Ferromagnetic Arrangement and Electronic Structure of Cubic AlAs with Low Concentration of 3d (V, Cr, and Mn) Impurities.
    Boutaleb Miloud, Doumi Bendouma, Mokaddem Allel, Sayede Adlane, Tadjer Abdelkader.
    Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism, vol. 31, pg. 2157-2163 (2017) DOI
  • First-Principle Predictions of Electronic Properties and Half-Metallic Ferromagnetism in Vanadium-Doped Rock-Salt SrO.
    Berber Mohamed, Doumi Bendouma, Mokaddem Allel, Mogulkoc Yesim, Sayede Adlane, Tadjer Abdelkader.
    Journal of Electronic Materials, vol. 47, pg. 449-456 (2017) DOI
  • First-Principle Study of Electronic and Half-Metallic Ferromagnetic Properties of Vanadium (V)-Doped Cubic BP and InP.
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  • Investigation of electronic structure and half-metallic ferromagnetic behavior with large half-metallic gap in $$hbox {Sr}_{1-x}hbox {V}_{x}hbox {O}$$ Sr 1 - x V x O .
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  • 2016

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