Colloids catalysis oxidation

Team leader: Prof. Véronique Nardello-Rataj

Team leader foreword

The wish, in 1989, to develop a specific research in Formulation chemistry led to bring together various skills (oxidation, catalysis, colloidal physicochemistry, molecular modeling, chemometry) in a same entity. Initially part of the LCOM (Laboratoire de Chimie Organique et Macromoléculaire, UMR 8009), the team has integrated the UCCS in January 2015 becoming the CISCO team. Its area of expertise includes oxidation, agro-sourced functional compounds and physicochemistry of formulation. Thanks to the synergies stemming from its expertise, the CISCO team has a national and international recognition, with numerous academic and industrial collaborative partnerships. It participates actively in the regional (CPER, Chemistry and Materials), national (ANR, ADEME, FUI) or international (PCP France-Venezuela, Sakura France-Japan project, European project) research programs. It is also very active in the projects of the IFMAS and PIVERT ITEs.


Véronique Rataj, Professor at Univ. Lille

Team members

Name Function Employer
Jean-Marie Aubry Professor emeritus Centrale Lille
Marianne Catte Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Jean-François Dechezelles Assistant Professor Centrale Lille
Raphaël Lebeuf Assistant Professor Centrale Lille
Loic Leclercq Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Véronique Nardello-Rataj Professor Centrale Lille
Jesús Fermin Ontiveros Assistant Professor Centrale Lille
Christel Pierlot Assistant Professor Centrale Lille
Nicolas Rolland Assistant Professor Univ. Lille