Inorganic materials, structures, systems and properties

Team leader: Dr Angel M. Arévalo-López

Team leader foreword

Founded in January 2017, the group MISSP consists of 9 permanent researchers from the CNRS, the ENSCL and the University Lille. The group results from the fusion from the ex-groups OXID and MOEN, which have always shared the same will to develop innovative inorganic compounds for applications essentially turned towards energetic issues. When the target applications of the group MOEN dealt essentially with Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and water high temperature electrolysis, the applications investigated by the group OXID were broader with the objective to develop new material with magnetic, electronic and optic properties for various applications (spintronic, luminescent materials, oxidation catalysis, photocatalysis for hydrogen production, …).
The developed and studied phases concern essentially oxides for which all the group members share an expertise and complementary competences, in terms of solid state, controlled atmosphere, solvothermal and high pressure synthesis, structural characterisations, redox, electrochemistry and various properties. The group MISSP organizes the research around 3 main topics: prospective chemistry / structural methodology / properties.

Angel M. Arévalo-López, CNRS Researcher

Team members

Name Function Employer
Angel Arevalo-Lopez CNRS Researcher CNRS
Sylvie Daviero-Minaud Professor Univ. Lille
Victor Duffort CNRS Researcher CNRS
Marielle Huve Professor Univ. Lille
Olivier Mentré CNRS Research Director CNRS
Caroline Pirovano Assistant Professor Centrale Lille
Aurelie Rolle Assistant Professor Centrale Lille
Pascal Roussel CNRS Research Director CNRS
Rose-Noelle Vannier Professor Centrale Lille