Thermal and Textural Analysis


Scientific Expert (Thermal Analysis):



Responsable Scientifique (Textural Analysis):

DACQUIN Jean-Phillipe


Staff :

Lens building C Nicolas Kania
Lille building C3 Olivier Gardoll
Lille building C7

Delphine Filipiak

Myriam Wastiaux



The Thermal and Textural analysis plateau offers two types of analyzes available at Lille or Lens. The plateau studies all requests from industrial or academic partners; depending on requirements, services or more or less long-term collaborations can be proposed.


The equipment park includes :

  • 3 multifunction analyzers for the study of:

- reduction and oxidation (TPR/TPO) of the samples

- adsorption and desorption of probe molecules by temperature programmed desorption (TPD) for acidity (NH3 and basicity (CO2) characterization

- metal dispersion (chemisorption H2, CO)


  • 7 analyzers for the study of the behavior of the sample as a function of temperature and under different atmospheres:

- 4 TGA-DSC for simultaneous recording of mass loss and heat flow to identify transformations and phenomena. Coupling with a mass spectrometer is also available.


TGA-MS coupling

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is a technique that measures the mass variations of a sample that is heated, cooled or maintained at a constant temperature. It is mainly used to characterize the composition of materials. Its fields of application include plastics, elastomers, thermosets, minerals, ceramics as well as a wide range of analyzes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Among others, the platform proposes a device having the advantage of offering an extended temperature range from ambient temperature up to 1600°C while measuring the heat flux by DSC (Lens).

Finally, TGA connected to a mass spectrometer allows to detect several thermal effects and mass spectroscopy analysis simultaneously.

- 2 DSC for enthalpies calculations, glass transitions and measurements of melting and crystallization temperatures

- 1 TGA for larger samples with the possibility to perform adsorption isotherms by gravimetry

  • 1 dilatometer for thermal expansion coefficient determination

  • 1 heating microscope analyses silhouettes of the test piece and determines geometric parameters and characteristics temperatures (sintering, softening, melting, …)

The equipment park includes :

  • 3 sorption analysers for full isotherms for porosity determinations (surface area, pore volume, pore size distribution)

  • 1 sorption analysers for Surface area measurement

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