Hybrid materials

Team leader: Dr Thierry Loiseau

Team leader foreword

Created in September 2017, the MATHYB team includes 4 permanent staff and 3 PhD & post-doctoral students. Our activities focus on the synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid solids of Coordination polymer or Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) type and, molecular species of polyoxometallate (POM) type. We rely on condensation skills in inorganic chemistry to propose «tailor-made» chemical systems with dimensionality and nuclearity of well-defined inorganic species. We are exploring this coordination chemistry in order to develop new multifunctional nanostructured materials with porosity properties in order to propose new platforms for gas sorption or catalysis. We also exploit our knowledge of coordination chemistry with heavy metals in order to understand the interactions of these elements with the complexing molecules (natural or polluting) coming from the ecosystem.


Thierry Loiseau, CNRS Research Director

Team members

Name Function Employer
Sylvain Duval Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Natacha Henry Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Alexandre Legrand CNRS Researcher CNRS
Thierry Loiseau CNRS Research Director CNRS
Christophe Volkringer Professor Centrale Lille