Hall Pilote naming ceremony - Edmond Payen, first director of UCCS

Vie du laboratoire

On Wednesday May 29, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, the Hall Pilote of the Unité de Catalyse et de Chimie du Solide (UCCS) will be named after Edmond PAYEN.

The ceremony will take place in building SH3, amphi B207.

"With this tribute, we want to leave a trace for future generations of researchers and remind them that Edmond was one of the great figures of the laboratory.

Indeed, not only was Edmond passionate about research all his life, and had a soft spot for spectroscopy(s), but he also had an even more visionary side. Under his impetus, UCCS acquired exceptional equipment, such as the new Surface Analysis platform, and was instrumental in the emergence of new characterization techniques such as the ROCK light line at the SOLEIL synchrotron. But above all, Edmond has always wanted to interconnect fundamental research with the realities of the industrial world. For UCCS, he worked tirelessly to create the Hall Pilote Catalyse, a unique tool in the French academic landscape, which enables new catalytic formulations to be tested on a scale closer to industrial reality.

The ceremony will be addressed by academic and industrial colleagues who have worked closely with Edmond, and who will tell us about their scientific, professional and, why not, personal experiences with Edmond.

These speeches will be followed by the naming ceremony and a pot de l'amitié.

Registrations for this half-day event can be made online until Monday May 13, 2024 via this link.

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