Catalysis for energy and platform molecules synthesis

Team leader: Dr Vitaly Ordomsky

Team leader foreword

The research work of our team addresses  implementation of new catalysts and catalytic sustainable processes to meet the societal challenges: “Clean, Safe and Efficient Energy” and “Sustainable Chemistry and Associated Processes”.  The synergy between fundamental and applied research is the primary goal of our team.  The specificity of our approach is to cover the entire technological chain of processing and synthesis of clean fuels and platform-molecules for modern chemical industry.


Vitaly Ordomsky, CNRS Researcher

Team members

Name Function Employer
Pascal Blanchard Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Anne Constant Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Nouria Fatah Professor Centrale Lille
Andrei Khodakov CNRS Research Director CNRS
Carole Lamonier Professor Univ. Lille
Christine Lancelot Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Vitaly Ordomsky CNRS Researcher CNRS
Alain Rives Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Virginie Mirella Assistant Professor Centrale Lille