Valorization of alkanes and biomass

Team leader: Dr Benjamin Katryniok

Team leader foreword

Created in September 2006, the VAALBIO team comprises 8 permanent researchers, 20 doctoral, 1 post-doctoral and 1 engineer. Our activity is focused on the advanced catalytic upgrading of biomass for biorefineries, as well as on a streamlined use of fossil resources.

We gather skills in catalysis, process engineering, catalytic reactors design and high-throughput experiments for valorising light hydrocarbons (C1 toC4), bio-sourced platforms molecules from the lignocellulosics value chain (C1 to C6) as well as fatty compounds and by-products of the oil plants value chain. Our intense private-public partnership activity leads to the licensing of patents, and we also created the start-up company “TEAMCAT Solutions”. We further develop an original fundamental research, with a pioneering activity in hybrid catalysis, which combines chemo- and biocatalysis in one pot.


Benjamin Katryniok, Assistant Professor at Centrale Lille

Team members

Name Function Employer
Marcia Araque-Marin Assistant Professor Centrale Lille
Mickael Capron Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Franck Dumeignil Professor Univ. Lille
Egon Heuson CNRS Researcher Centrale Lille
Benjamin Katryniok Professor Centrale Lille
Axel Löfberg CNRS Research Director CNRS
Sebastien Paul Professor Centrale Lille
Robert Wojcieszak CNRS Researcher CNRS