Catalytic materials

Team leader: Sébastien Royer

Team leader foreword

In agreement with the scientific strategy of the  UCCS project, two new entities have been created in January 2016: the « Catalytic Materials - MATCAT » research team, and the « Up-scaling of Catalysts – UPCAT » transfer platform. Our research team is part of the heterogeneous catalysis axis of UCCS, through the development of materials to applications transversal projects along with the already existing VAALBIO, REMCAT, MODSPEC and CATEN research teams. MATCAT is composed of 5 permanent researchers and 7 young researchers/Ph.D. students, working on the development of non-conventional catalytic materials that exhibit robustness and durability in reaction, from the laboratory scale up to their shaping.
Among the current strategies developed:
The development of solvent-free synthesis routes to produce nanocrystalline mixed oxides with improved surface areas.
The use of bio-sourced molecules as structure-directing agents for the production of single and mixed oxides with hierarchical porosity.
The conception of precious metal-free catalytic formulations (iron, copper, manganese)
The shaping of catalytic formulations.


Sébastien Royer, Professor at Univ. Lille

Team members

Name Function Employer
Jean-Philippe Dacquin Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Jeremy Dhainaut CNRS Researcher CNRS
Jean-Sebastien Girardon Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Anne-Sophie Mamede Assistant Professor Centrale Lille
Sébastien Royer Professor Univ. Lille