Thin films & nanomaterials

Team leader: Prof. Sébastien Saitzek

Team leader foreword

Founded in January 2008, the “Thin Films & Nanomaterials” team consists in 9 solid-state chemists and physicists (including 1 emeritus). The team whole staff is from the University of Artois. Its activities are located at the Solid Chemical / Nanomaterials / Condensed Matter Physics interface. The team integrates skills in chemistry and solid-state physics (crystallography, molecular modeling, interactions with radiating-matter, optics, etc.) in a complementary and harmonious basis. These skills allow us to predict, characterize and measure the structural and physical properties of new (nano-) structures with specific properties that our team develops in thin films or nanoparticles with the ultimate aims and perspectives to integrating these into nanodevices dedicated to automotive, home automation, information storage or even telephony. These skills are also used to model, understand and explain electronic, electrical and magnetic mechanisms as well as the size effects that are involved in these new materials. All the work that our team carries-out, and devotes to, focuses on the world of «nano».


Sébastien Saitzek, Professor at Univ. Artois

Team members

Name Function Employer
Jean-Francois Blach Professor Univ. Artois
Bastien Casier Assistant Professor Univ. Artois
Marie-Helene Chambrier Assistant Professor Univ. Artois
Rachel Desfeux Professor Univ. Artois
Anthony Ferri Assistant Professor Univ. Artois
Jean-Francois Henninot Professor Univ. Artois
Christian Mathieu Professor Univ. Artois
Sebastien Saitzek Professor Univ. Artois
Adlane Sayede Professor Univ. Artois