Catalysis and eco-compatible synthesis

Team leader: Prof. Lydie Pelinski

Team leader foreword

Created in January 2013, the team CASECO is composed of 12 permanent researchers and 10 to 15 phD Students and postdocs divided in 5 working groups with specific expertises (see below). The working groups are involved in collaborative projects that take benefit from this diversity. The main driving force is the development of catalytic methodologies for molecular and macromolecular synthesis. Our approaches integrate most of the concepts of green chemistry: Atom economy, energy (photochemistry), biomass upgrading, abundant metals in organometallic catalysis, catalyst immobilization on a surface or in an immiscible liquid phase. It is elsewhere noteworthy that the laboratory has a long time expertise on the transformation of gaseous reactants of industrial interest (H2, CO, butadiene, ethylene, CO2 ...).

The team has developped an expertise in the field of green chemistry by integrating the following points:

• Development of highly atom-economical reactions
• Photochemical activation
• Biomass upgrading
• Non-precious metals in catalysis.
• Catalyst Immobilisation on a support.


Lydie Pelinski, Professor at Univ. Lille

Team members

Name Function Employer
Aurélien Bethegnies Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Till Bousquet Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Eric Deniau Professor Univ. Lille
Clément Dumont Assistant Professor ICAM Lille
Audrey Favrelle-Huret Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Stephane Lebrun Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Nicolas Merle Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Lydie Pelinski Professor Univ. Lille
Sylvain Pellegrini Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Mathieu Sauthier Professor Univ. Lille
Isabelle Suisse Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Philippe Zinck Professor Univ. Lille