Methodology in organometallics for homogeneous catalysis

Team leader: Prof. Marc Visseaux

Team leader foreword

Recently created on 1st of January 2017, the MOCAH’s team is comprised of 6 permanents teaching/researcher (3 CNRS, 3 Univ. Lille) and 3 doctoral students. The organometallic chemistry is at the heart of our research which applies mainly in
homogeneous catalysis. Following the gathering of specialized researchers in the fields of transition metals and oxophilic metals, and after the recent appointment of a new member specialized in polymerization catalysis using abundant metals, the expertise of the team covers a wide range of elements in the periodic table (see below).

The metal-based systems we developed are applied in homogeneous catalysis for fine chemical syntheses, polymerization reactions and materials via the use of small molecules from fossil feedstock and biomass.


Marc Visseaux, Professor at Univ. Lille

Team members

Name Function Employer
Yohan Champouret CNRS Researcher CNRS
Thomas Chenal Assistant Professor Univ. Lille
Marc Visseaux Professor Univ. Lille