Chemistry, materials and processes for a sustainable nuclear development

Team leader: Pr Murielle Rivenet

Team leader foreword

Created in October 2017, the CIMEND team arises from the will of academic researchers to develop a scientific work related to the nuclear fuel cycle and its technologies. The research activities of the team deal with the optimization of fuel cycle (recycling and recovering of radioactive materials and by-products of nuclear fission), nuclear materials (both ceramic and metallic materials), but also on waste disposal with studies on concrete (waste package) and geological materials (argillite, bentonite) considered for the deep storage. It combines complementary skills in actinides chemistry, materials science and civil engineering, with a common vision about research organization in the frame of collaborative projects. With these qualities, the CIMEND team leads research programs with major industrial groups and national labs, Orano, Framatome, CEA and ANDRA. It actively participates to the networking of nuclear activities at Lille University and contributes to teaching activities.


Murielle Rivenet, Assistant Professor at ENSCL

Team members

Name Function Employer
Francis Abraham Professor emeritus Univ. Lille
Marie Colmont Assistant Professor Centrale Lille
Bertrand Morel PAST Centrale Lille
Catherine Renard Assistant Professor Centrale Lille
Murielle Rivenet Professor Centrale Lille